Oferta de Beca: MAESTRÍA: Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation.


Nombre de Programa

MAESTRÍA: Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation.

Áreas de Estudio

Desastres naturales y prevención

Fecha Realización

01-10-2017 - 15-09-2018

Período de Aplicación

23-01-2017 - 24-03-2017

País Cooperante


Lugar de realización



This course aims to increase capacities of technical officials, engineers and researchers in the fields of seismology, earthquake engineering and tsunami disaster mitigation who are conducive to earthquake and tsunami disaster management and disaster recovery policy.

Perfil del candidato

-Be Salvadoran and reside in El Salvador.

-Be nominated by their governments in accordance with the procedures described in III-4.

-Be technical officials, engineers or researchers who have university degrees in seismology, earthquake engineering, tsunami or equivalent.

-Be an employee with more than 3 years of working experience of governmental organizations, research institutes or universities having public interest in seismology, earthquake engineering or tsunami disaster mitigation.

-Be well versed in advanced mathematics such as differentiation and integration, partial derivatives, differential equations, matrix, vector algebra, Fourier analysis, etc.

-Be proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

-Be able to write research reports on the individual study in English.

-have a competent command of spoken and written English ---with a minimum test score of TOEFL PBT 500, TOEFL iBT79, IELTSAcademic6.0or its equivalent. (This program includes active participation in discussions and development of the action plan and Master thesis, thus requires high competence of English ability both in conversation and composition. Please attach an official certificate of English ability such as TOEFL or IETLS.)

-Be between the ages of twenty-five(25) and forty (40) years as of October 1, 2017.

-Be judged medically adequate to pursue study in Japan by an examining physician on a prescribed certificate of health. Pregnant applicants are not recommended to apply due to the potential risk of health and life issues of mother and fetus.

Condiciones de la Beca


-Air Ticket: The cost of a round-trip ticket between an international airport designated by JICA and Japan will be borne by JICA.

-Travel Insurance: Coverage is from time of arrival up to departure in Japan. Thus traveling time outside Japan will not be covered.

-Allowances for accommodation, meals, living expenses, outfit, and shipping.

-Expenses for study tours (basically in the form of train tickets).

-Free medical care for participants who become ill after arriving in Japan (costs related to pre-existing illness, pregnancy, or dental treatment are not included).

-Expenses for program implementation, including materials.


For more details, please see “III. ALLOWANCES” of the brochure for participants titled “KENSHU-IN GUIDE BOOK,” which will be given before departure for Japan.


The curriculum of this training course is approved as a master’s degree program by GRIPS and BRI. The application fee, admission fee and tuition for the Master’s Degree Program will be provided by BRI.

Documentos Requeridos

One original

- Letter of proposal institution that works signed by the owner or official liaison on the issue of scholarships, addressed to the Engineer Ryna Elizabeth Garay Araniva, Director General of Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-Complete Registration Form RREE

-Photocopy of DUI


One original and two copies.

1. Application Form: Applicants should mention their choice (Seismology group, Earthquake Engineering group or Tsunami Disaster Mitigation group).


2. Application Materials for GRIPS*/BRI** Master’s Program


A part of curriculum of this course is approved as a master’s degree program by GRIPS and BRI. Therefore, each applicant is required to prepare and submit all ofthe following materials for admission to GRIPS/BRI Master’s Programas written in ANNEX.


- Application form for GRIPS/BRI Master’sProgram


- (1) clear photograph of your face (30 x 40 mm)


- (2) letters of recommendation


- Certificate of employment


- Official transcripts of academic record and graduation/degree certificates


- Official evidence ofEnglish ability


- Statement of purpose


- Certificate of health


Please note that an applicant will NOT be registered as an applicant until we have received allof the above materials. Please carefully review the information in ANNEX II


*GRIPS -National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

**BRI –Building Research Institute


3. Inception Report


Each applicant is required to originally write and prepare a typewritten Inception Report by him/herself in accordance with the Instruction for the Preparation of Inception Report (see ANNEX).


The Inception Reports are used for screening applicants and for presentation. Each participant is required to make a 20-25 minutes presentation on Inception Report within about two weeks after the training begins. It is mandatory to bring these materials in digital forms.


4. Photocopy of Passport: to be submitted with the application form, if you possess your passport which you will carry when entering apan for this program. If not, you are requested to submit its photocopy as soon as you obtain it.


*Photocopy should include the followings:

Name, date of birth, nationality, sex, passport number and expire date.

Nombre de Contacto

Eduardo Colindres Otero

Teléfono de Contacto

2231 1308

Correo de Contacto



Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de El Salvador, Edificio #2 Tercer Nivel. Calle El Pedregal, Blvd. Cancillería. Ciudad Merliot, Antiguo Cuscatlan, La Libertad.